As members of the Club des Dirigeants, we are committed to the following principles:


We are committed to respecting the rules of the club, as well as the interests and intelligence of other members of the community. We foster an environment of mutual respect, where everyone is listened to, valued and encouraged.


We pledge to participate regularly and actively in club activities. We recognize that our presence and involvement contribute to the dynamics and value of the community. We share our experiences, knowledge and contacts to enrich everyone’s experience.


We are committed to providing business opportunities, networking, expertise and information to other members. We believe in the power of collaboration and mutual support. By giving to others, we create a thriving ecosystem and benefit equally from the contributions of other members.


We are committed to recommending only companies that are members of the Club des Dirigeants. We promote trust and integrity within our network by only recommending business partners who share our values and commitment to the community.


We are committed to taking advantage of club events to communicate and showcase our activities. We recognize the importance of communication and information sharing to strengthen our professional relationships and promote our projects and achievements.


We are committed to taking advantage of the opportunities created by a supportive and engaged community. We welcome advice, recommendations and business opportunities from within our network. We recognize that our success also depends on the collaboration and support of other members.

By respecting this charter, we contribute to creating an environment of exchange, collaboration and mutual growth within the Club des Dirigeants. Together, we form a supportive and committed community that fosters professional development, business expansion and the sharing of expertise.

Club Des Dirigeants