The Club des Dirigeants has several commissions focusing on specific areas of interest and expertise. These commissions bring together members who share a common interest and work together to promote specific initiatives, projects and activities in their area of expertise. Commissions can cover diverse topics such as innovation, sustainable development, digital transformation, etc.

I- Member Journey Committee

1. Membership & Development Commission :

  • Organize welcome events for new members to enhance their integration and engagement from the start.
  • Implement a mentoring program where current members guide and support new members.

2. Training & Support Commission :

  • Provide interactive and practical training to facilitate hands-on learning.
  • Establish partnerships with experts and recognized trainers in various fields.

II- Community Services Committee :

3. Digital & Innovation Commission :

  • Establish an innovation lab where members can collaborate on innovative digital projects.
  • Conduct seminars and workshops on emerging technological trends.

4. Finance and Investment Commission :

  • Conduct information sessions on various funding sources available for businesses, including grants and investments.
  • Facilitate meetings between members seeking funding and potential investors.

5. Communication & Events Commission :

  • Develop a comprehensive communication strategy to promote association events and its members’ achievements.
  • Explore innovative event formats, such as hackathons or interactive discussion forums.

6. Legal and Regulatory Commission :

  • Provide practical guides on relevant laws and regulations for businesses, focusing on recent changes.
  • Organize Q&A sessions with specialized lawyers to address members’ concerns.

7. Taxation & Finance Commission :

  • Offer financial planning workshops to help members manage their financial resources effectively.
  • Establish tax monitoring to inform members about fiscal changes affecting their businesses.

8. Arbitration & Mediation Commission :

  • Establish clear and transparent procedures for conflict resolution within the association.
  • Offer mediation training for members interested in developing these skills.

9. Quality, Safety, Health, Security & Environment (QSSSE) Commission :

  • Implement quality certification protocols for members wishing to strengthen their operational standards.
  • Conduct workshops on promoting a culture of workplace safety and environmental responsibility.

10. Sports & Well-being Commission :

  • Propose friendly sports challenges among members to promote physical activity and strengthen social bonds.
  • Collaborate with well-being experts to offer meditation and relaxation sessions.

11. Employment & Inclusion Commission :

  • Create a mentoring program for project leaders and recent graduates to guide them in their careers.
  • Conduct workshops on inclusive hiring practices and promoting diversity in businesses.

III- Partnerships & International Affairs Committee

12. Partnerships Commission :

  • Identify partnership opportunities with local and international organizations to strengthen the members’ network.
  • Organize foreign trade missions to explore new markets and opportunities.

13. International Affairs Commission :

  • Provide practical information on international trade regulations and export opportunities.
  • Organize conferences with international trade experts to enlighten members on best practices.

IV- Sectoral Revitalization Committee

14. Agriculture and Agri-food Commission :

  • Establish partnerships with agricultural institutions to offer sector-specific training.
  • Promote sustainable agricultural practices and organize field visits.

15. Industry & Renewable Energy Commission :

  • Conduct workshops on adopting clean technologies and transitioning to renewable energy.
  • Facilitate the exchange of best practices among members active in the industrial sector.

16. Construction & Real Estate Promotion Commission :

  • Create a project and opportunities sharing platform in the construction and real estate sector.
  • Offer training sessions on sustainable construction project management.

17. Sustainable Tourism Commission :

  • Collaborate with local tourism stakeholders to develop sustainable and responsible tourism initiatives.
  • Organize awareness events to promote sustainable travel destinations and experiences.

18. Art & Culture Commission :

  • Showcase members’ artists and cultural initiatives within the association.
  • Organize art exhibitions, performances, and cultural events to strengthen bonds among members.

19. Transportation & Logistics Commission :

  • Explore innovation opportunities in transportation and logistics, including sustainable logistics.
  • Provide information sessions on transportation regulations and the latest sector trends.

Each committee can use these suggestions to strengthen its impact and contribution to the CSD community. Membership & Development Commission. Digital & Innovation Commission.

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