The Authorities

The Leaders’ Club is structured into different authorities that play a key role in the functioning of our community. Here is an overview of the main proceedings:

Regional Representatives

The Club des Dirigeants is represented by regional Representatives in different parts of the country. These regional Representatives organize local events, meetings and networking activities to enable members to connect and collaborate on a regional level. They play an essential role in promoting the Club des Dirigeants within their respective geographical areas. Read more

National Representatives

The national Representatives is responsible for the overall coordination and management of the Club des Dirigeants at national level. It ensures cohesion between the various regional authorities , facilitates the exchange of information and organizes major national events to bring together members from all over the country. Read more

International Representatives

The international Representatives extends the reach of the Club des Dirigeants beyond national borders. It facilitates global connections and business opportunities by establishing international partnerships and organizing international events. The international Representatives aims to encourage the exchange of expertise and best practices between executives from different countries. Read more


The Club des Dirigeants has several commissions focusing on specific areas of interest and expertise. These commissions bring together members who share a common interest and work together to promote specific initiatives, projects and activities in their area of expertise. Commissions can cover diverse topics such as innovation, sustainable development, digital transformation, etc.

These Authorities play an essential role in the management, coordination and development of the Club des Dirigeants. They provide members with local, national and international representation, as well as targeted collaboration and networking opportunities. Together, they contribute to reinforcing the value and impact of our executive community.

Club Des Dirigeants