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Mr Said Kamal


SAID KAMAL, Brief Bio.
Professor Emeritus, Doctor in Social and Economic Sciences. Trusted &
preferred senior corporate and sovereign advisor in economic and
financial diplomacy, and in managing the complexities of 21st-century
Business and Investment (FDI) global growth strategies. Dr Kamal is
one of the world’s leading experts in Innovation Clusters & Supercluster
He is the founder and the top International Business & Investment (FDI)
negotiator for the VoluPolis’ Inclusive Growth Accelerator scheme
which provides Innovative Technology Solutions, Specialized Products,
Advisory Services, and Exclusive mega-infrastructure development
projects in Africa and around the world.

Dr Kamal is a FDI Intelligence & Operations expert, a policy specialist, a professional and focal point
for the international corporations seeking market expansion globally. He is the Founder and Chief
Counsel of VoluPolis Capital, an impact inward investment (FDI) management firm with over
US$500bn Capital Projects Under Management (CPUM, Q2 2023).
He is Graduate of the National High School of Information Science and Libraries (ENSSIB, France),
the University of Poitiers and Limoges (France) and a Business oriented, innovative, and visionary
leader with Executive level management in public, philanthropic, academic, and private sectors in
many jurisdictions.
He has held senior roles in government, private institutions and served in many positions as Senior
business analyst, corporate strategy and investment architect translating business intelligence and
strategy into action and providing senior strategic advice to the CEO and the Board of Directors and
developing Business Intelligence policies, platforms and project conception, incubation, and
Integration Services on Key drivers of global growth.
He has been tracking crossborder Greenfield investment worldwide, leading advisory services
related to FDI Intelligence & Security, Project Finance structuring, markets research, mapping
investment strategies and building megaprojects portfolios, Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships & PPPs,
and projects governance.
These leadership positions equipped him to join an exhilarating hub of global corporate-decision
makers, governments, and world leaders and NGOs at the intersection of FDI Intelligence, and
Economic Development driving innovation and uncovering new inclusive quality growth
opportunities worldwide.
As a Senior Institutional Communications and Relations expert, he serves corporate board and
government cabinet-level departments, and other executive agencies to create coherent strategies
(FDI reports, speeches, keynotes, territorial brand storytelling, high-level meetings and landmark
conferences and events), Partnerships & Opportunities through which the private and public
development plans and programmes can be disseminated with impact and accelerate transformation
and growth.
He contributes to reports for geopolitical risk consultancy firms, and Executive Agencies; briefs
diplomats, decision-makers, executives and others on the politics and economics of Africa and the
GCC region; and works with private sector clients including major Tier 1 banking network and
International Financial Institutions (IFIs), asset & wealth managers and consultancies on their
growth expansion plans, and corporate communications. He is the Ambassador of the Moroccan Club
of Managers (Institute of Directors) to the UK for a second term.
His mastery of Foreign Policy, Economic and Financial Diplomacy, Finance Structuring, and Project
Finance & Delivery allowed him to build businesses, cultural and development programmes. Since
2002, he is the President of the Euro-Arab Foundation (Paris), a public institution specialising in
Cultural and Economic Diplomacy between Europe and the Arab World. His experience, vast
executive continuing education, strong linguistic skills, and knowledge of the Muslim and Western
worlds have helped him acquire an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing the Middle East
and Africa and the world: Inclusive Quality Growth, Capacity Building, Entrepreneurship Innovation,
talent management, and shared prosperity in Africa and worldwide.

As a highly skilled expert in Business and Investment (FDI) Intelligence & Operations, he is
spearheading the most powerful AI-Powered Global Accelerator for Business and Investment (FDI)
and Sector 3 Intelligence & Operations in London (VoluPolis), assisting governments (EDOs) in
attracting investments by structuring, funding, and delivering high profile, large-scale, and job
intensive projects.
He is advising EDOs in enhancing greenfield FDI and UN SDGs contribution to their national strategies
and aligning the strategies of the private sector, Universities, and Governments and to assist them to
scale up the needed high expertise, competence, start-ups-backed ecosystems, and unique FDI
Industry-leading suite of innovative solutions and impact investments for a more shared security and
prosperity for all.
Currently, he is deeply engaged in developing better Strategy and Investment Frameworks for
national cluster programs, allowing countries to develop next generation national cluster programs
and inspire the future entrepreneurs. He regularly works and speaks with global cluster leaders in
countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Norway, US, Canada, Switzerland, India,
Iceland, KSA, Morocco, Nigeria, Brazil, Spain, Emirates and China.
Specialties: Trade & FDI attraction, retention, and expansion. Business & Investment (FDI) Intelligence & Operations. Global
Innovation Superclusters & International Ecosystems to drive long-term nation impact. Green & Creative Economy. AI data &
Analytics. Geostrategy Analysis. Territorial Development and Marketing. Cultural, Economic, and Financial Diplomacy.
Knowledge Cities. Diversity & Inclusion. Keynote speaker at leading strategy, innovation, and investment events worldwide.
Easy engagement with customers and organizations within Finance, Energy, Oil & Gas, Governments, Industry, Innovation,
Infrastructure, Transport, Education, Creative Digital Technology, Tourism, Leisure, and Healthcare.

Professional Skills

Planning 80%
Consulting 95%
Management 89%
Development 90%